Can tourists go to Macquarie Island?

Sharing an onboard home with up to 50 other passengers, hopping on and off to explore unfamiliar surrounds, is only possible on a small ship expedition cruise. That is part of the adventure. Cruises visiting the island for aperiod of years. Thousands of seals and millions of penguins can be found on Macquarie Island, which has been designated a World Heritage site. The state reserve is managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service. Australia’s Sub-Antarctic jewel is it.

Who owns Macquarie Island?

The islets of Judge and Clerk and Bishop and Clerk are managed by thePWS as a nature reserve.

Is there accommodation on Macquarie Island?

There are more than 30 separate buildings at the station. Accommodations, a communal mess, a doctor’s surgery, stores, workshops, communications and power generation facilities are included.

Are there any rabbits left on Macquarie Island?

Rabbits came to the island in the early 1800s as a source of food, and a successful rabbit eradication gives the island a fresh start. Their numbers exploded by the 1980s. Now that the mission of the pest eradication team is complete, they have left.

Who owns Campbell Island?

The Campbell Islands are part of New Zealand. They are south of Stewart Island.

What Penguins are on Macquarie Island?

The majority of royal penguins live on Macquarie Island and the nearby Bishop and Clerk Islets. Royals live in large colonies.

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