Can I visit Ulva?

The ferry which takes foot passengers and bicycles is open from Easter to October. The crossing only takes a couple of minutes and is on demand; summon the ferry by uncovering the red panel on the pier but don’t forget to cover it again as the boat approaches. By car. Driving from the ferry terminal at Craignure on Mull to Ulva Ferry takes around 45 minutes, with the nine mile drive from Salen onwards along a single tracked road that runs alongside the stunning scenery of Loch na Keal and the imposing bulk of Ben More. As the plans for the development of Ulva as a Community Island, so it is planned that a few more places to stay will come available, but we welcome Wild Camping on Ulva, as long as it is away from the areas of residences.

How can visitors visit Ulva island?

Stewart Island/Rakiura is accessible by boat from either Halfmoon Bay or Golden Bay. Charter boats, water taxis and guides are available.

Is Sea Lettuce an animal?

The common name for sea lettuce is L. Ulva lactuca. It is a type of Ulva.

How long is the ferry to Ulva island?

On the vintage ferry there was a laid back trip to Ulva. Not as fast as a water taxi. The chance to see two penguins from the boat gave me more time to take in the sights and wildlife.

Is Ulva Ferry running?

The Ulva Ferry runs from Monday to Friday at 9.15am and 3.30pm during term time. It may be possible to cross by arrangement with the Ferryman.

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