Can I visit the Chagos islands?

There are no tours to the Chagos Archipelago. It is only possible to visit one or two sites by private yacht with the permission of the BIOT administration. Official visitors and mission-essential personnel are the only ones allowed to access Diego Garcia. The commanding officer of the U.S. Navy Support Facility approved country clearance for personnel travelling to Diego Garcia. The Chagossians are a Creole ethnic group native to the Chagos Islands and other parts of theChagos Archipelago.

Can I go to British Indian Ocean Territory?

The British Indian Ocean Territory is not a place for tourists to visit. There is a permit needed in advance of travel. There aren’t anycommercial flights.

Can retired military visit Diego Garcia?

Entry into Diego Garcia requires area clearance from the U.S. Navy Support Facility. Only military personnel and authorized contractors can be assigned to the island. Military and DoD couples are not allowed to have concurrent assignments.

What is the island that no one can visit?

One of the world’s forbidden islands is the North Sentinel Island in India. The people of the island don’t know anything about the outside world or advanced technology.

Does the US still use Diego Garcia?

The U.S. military has brought all three types of bomber aircraft to the atoll withinthe past two years.

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