Can I visit Coquet Island?

The public are not allowed to visit Coquet Island because it is a sanctuary for roseate terns. The island is not used in the winter but it is used in the summer to protect the birds. At the end of March, puffsin arrive on the waters around Coquet Island and are settled on the island in time for the start of the festival. Puffins like to gather in large numbers on the top of the low cliffs around the island to take a break from nest duty and stretch their wings.

How many puffins are on Coquet Island?

Every spring, Coquet Island becomes bustling with birdlife as some 35,000 seabirds cram onto this tiny island to breed. The ‘clowns of the sea’, as they are affectionately known, visitin their thousands.

What is the island off Amble called?

Coquet Island is a nature reserve managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. It’s a safe place for seabirds and seals, and is designated as a’site of special scientific interest’.

Where can I see roseate terns?

In the summer, roseate terns are most likely to be found in the Firth of Forth. Dungeness, Kent is a regular site for passage birds. The terns leave theircolonies in .

Is Northumberland in the north east?

One of the two counties in England which border with Scotland is Northumberland. Northumberland is the most rural county in England.

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