Can I visit Cardigan Island?

Access is restricted. The site can only be accessed by a boat. The landing on the north end can only be done in calm weather. The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales owns the island. Clyn-Yr-Ynys is part of the Farm Park. Our family has been farming in the Cardigan area since the 1600’s and at Clyn-Yr-Ynys since

Cardigan Bay Holiday Accommodation and Attractions
  • Boat Trips Dolphin Watch.
  • Cardigan Bay Active.
  • Cardigan Island Park.
  • Alternative Tech CAT.
  • Railway & Camera Obscura.
  • In The Welsh Wind Distillery.
  • River Teifi Cruise.
  • Trotting / Harness Racing.

Where is Cardigan Island?

There is a small island in south-west Wales called Cardigan Island. It has a height of 52 metres and a area of 15 ha. There is a small colony of grey seals in the estuary.

What islands are off the coast of Wales?

9 Best Islands to Visit in North Wales
  1. Anglesey. The largest island in North Wales is the Isle of Anglesey, accessed via Menai Bridge over the Straits. …
  2. Ynys Llanddwyn. Ynys Llanddwyn is named after St. …
  3. Puffin Island / Ynys Seiriol. …
  4. Seagull Islands. …
  5. Bardsey Island. …
  6. Shell Island. …
  7. Holy Island. …
  8. St.

What county is cardigan in?

The historic county of Cardiganshire is located in southwestern Wales. There is a short distance from its mouthto the River Teifi.

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